Friday, 29 March 2013


I hope everyone knows what I'm talking about when I say I tried Ramen today. Its a well known Japanese noodle dish that consists of a meat or fish broth, flavored with soy or miso, selection of meat, dried seaweed, pickled egg, green onions and  kamaboko (or more commonly referred to as Naruto, for all you anime fans out there) which is a thin slice cured processed seafood (the white and pink swirly thing in the picture)

So for anyone who doesn't know me, I'm a pretty big fan of Japanese food, culture and anime. Ramen was something that I had wanted to try for a long time and finally got the chance. Sooooooo good! Not too sure how to describe it to be honest. However if your ever in Glasgow and you want an authentic Japanese cuisine experience, definitely check out Yo! Sushi! This has given me the idea to make a post on making sushi, surprisingly quick, easy and always delicious.

The conveyor belt is such a convenient way to serve people their meals.

Anyway this was just a quick post, until next time, carry on cooking. 

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