Friday, 29 March 2013

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

When you live in a city, you tend not to consider yourself a tourist, I don't either but I still like to find and do all the tourist-like things I can. So what I did today, after getting up at the crack of dawn to maintain my gym regiment, I whizzed off to the city centre to find my way to the Botanic Gardens.

After missing the bus from the city center to the gardens, I decided, out of sheer stubbornness, to walk the 30 minute trek to the other side of the city. Honestly I'm glad I did, there's no better way to discover your city than by just wondering in a vague direction of your destination. So after half an hour of passing beautiful old buildings, cute coffee shops, fancy accommodation and some not so fancy, I found myself at the gates of Glasgows own Botanic Gardens.

The grounds consist of the Kibble Palace, a large green house, designed by John Kibble, an engineer and photographer from the 1800s. From what I could see, it housed mostly art, sculptures and an array of tree ferns, along with many gold fish and carnivorous plant. The next building was the main greenhouse, thankfully I remembered to take pictures, however I forgot to take notes of their names so sadly these poor photos will forever remain caption-less. Enjoy!

Sadly I didn't have time to to inspect the coffee house, having decided, since I walked there I may as well walk back. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and get out there and explore your city. Until next time though, carry on cooking exploring.

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