Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Infamous Resolutions

I'm intrigued... Does everyone else make a huge list of new years resolutions at the beginning of the year and then find that they keep less than half, if any? I seem to have done that in the past and I know that statistically more than 80% of new years resolutions end up not being kept.

Somehow though I still have a pretty good feeling about this year. So what did you promise yourself? Here's my list;

1. Read more.
2. Save more money
3. Exercise more
4. Write more
5. Go to college

I could think of more but I think that's a pretty good main 5 to work on.

Anyway, how was your new years? So I suppose I should talk about the blog for a bit. Well December wasn't a complete failure, it put a lot of things in perspective, it was fun and good experience. However for the time being the blog will be less of a foodie blog and more of a personal one. The main reason for this is because by the middle of this year I hope to have either my own website or a better domain for a professional blog.

Happy New Year bros, I hope you had a good one and we'll talk again soon. Until then though, carry on cooking.

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