Monday, 17 December 2012

Advent Challenge, Day 16; Strawberry Santa

December 16th
A couple of days ago a friend of mine gave me an idea for this post and sent me the recipe for these lovely fruity treats. Perfect again for getting the kids involved in the kitchen at Christmas. This time of year certainly brings people together but I cant help thinking that food has so much to do with it.

A handful of large Strawberries (around 10 or so)
200g of Cream Cheese
2 tsp of Icing Sugar
1 tsp of pure Vanilla Extract
Poppy Seeds to decorate

1. Thoroughly rinse the Strawberries and peel off the stalks and leaves
2. Remove the pointed end and dig out the inside of the Strawberry with a paring knife. Keep the pointed ends as these will be used as the hats.
3. Add the Cheese, Icing Sugar and Vanilla to a bowl and beat until creamy.
4. Place the mixture into a piping bag and pipe a dollop into the the dug out part to create Santa's face. Then pipe two small buttons on the front of the Strawberry for his coat.
5. Place the 'hat' on top and pipe a bobble on top to finish off his hat.
6. Place two Poppy seeds on his face as eyes.

There you have it, your very own Strawberry Santa's. I hope you enjoyed this post, remember to check back for the next one. Until next time bros, carry on cooking.

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