Saturday, 3 November 2012

Delicious Japanese Coffee Treats

Recently some good friends of mine traveled down to London for the MCM Expo. This event is basically described as London's Comic Con and is held twice a year in May and October attracting people from across the globe and hosting a handful of different guests. But I'm not here to talk about the event itself seeing as I wasn't there. I want to share something that my friend brought back with her; 

Something that I really have never seen before. Coffee flavored chocolates in the shape of coffee beans. Obviously this excited me so much because of my love for coffee. Such a simple thing. We don't seem to have much of a coffee culture here in the UK, at least nothing compared to many other countries, especially Italy and New Zealand. But one country that has a growing coffee culture is surprisingly Japan. I read a quote somewhere that spoke about how strange it was for a nation of traditional tea drinkers to become one of the biggest importers of coffee. What really surprised me about these sweets though, was that they are not just flavored with coffee like most things, but they actually contain coffee meaning they contain caffeine. Think of them like a little energy boost. 

So anyway I really just wanted to share these with everyone and I'd like to thank Sarah for bringing them back for me.I'll link below a few sites where you can purchase these sweets, might be a great idea for Christmas presents or if you have a coffee shop. 
But for now, carry on cooking bros!


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