Tuesday, 23 October 2012

River Cottage, A Huge Inspiration

There are a lot of things that inspired me to actively seek out a certain lifestyle change, write this blog and even become a chef but I think one of the biggest influences upon myself was Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall along with his TV program and project, River Cottage. This project started in 1998 at the cottage on the grounds of Slape Manor in Netherbury, Dorset. The television series followed Hughs adventures as a downsized smallholder, fed up with life in the city and going in search of that self sufficient lifestyle. This series along with its many spin offs ran for just over 10 years but the actual project is still going strong. They have the River Cottage HQ, down in the west country, where Hugh and his team run courses for like minded people. The River Cottage HQ really has seemed to achieve full self sustainability, something, that at the moment, someone like myself can only dream of. I remember briefly seeing my parents watching this show when I was younger, I would only have been 6 when it first started, back when my grandparents had their own farm. So it wasn't until the last couple of years that I began looking for episodes here and there to give myself tips etc.

Of course this project/movement inspired many people and gave birth to the LandShare project which matches people with spare land, with people who would like to use it, sort of like a community farm. Below I'll put links to the River Cottage website, where you can find information on courses etc, and a link to the LandShare project website.

Recently I have began to wonder where my passion, and of course the passion of others such as Hugh comes from. Often I have thought is it something to do with a dislike for the big companies (food, water, gas, electricity) that many of us live off, maybe its the fact the it is really is fun just to get back to basics, or maybe its the thought of having complete independence. All I know at the moment, is that it thanks to people like Hugh that have shown us that this sort of thing it possible. So until next time, carry on cooking.

River Cottage Website:  http://www.rivercottage.net/

LandShare Website: http://www.landshare.net/

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