Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Recipe No 3: Halloween Toffee Apples

So its October and Halloween is not far away so I decided to try my own recipe for these delicous and iconic treats. Enjoy.

450g suger
150ml water
1 tbls glucose
30g butter
Red food coloring
9 granny smith apples

1. Add together the water and sugar in a pan and heat until sugar is completely disolved.

2. Add the glocose and butter stir then cook until 150 degrees or until the mixture 'cracks'

3. Add the food coloring and wait for the mixture to stop bubbleing.

4. Proceed to cover the apples in the toffee and leave to set on greaseproof paper.

And there you have it. So simple. For sticks I used bamboo skewers. I also made toffee pears. Different but beautiful, especially since this is now pear season. Until next time, carry on cooking.

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