Saturday, 13 October 2012

Give Your Garden Coffee

So by now you should know that I'm crazy about coffee and maybe even more so about trying not to waste coffee. You also may have noticed at your local coffee shop giving away used or old coffee bean grinds. Thats because technically once a coffee bean is ground, it should be used within 15 minutes or the taste will be affected. This doesn't mean it cant be used after that though. You see coffee turns out to be very good for your garden and can be invaluable for anyone wanting to grow plants organically. Here are a few uses;

1. Coffee is acidic and abrasive making it a wonderful yet natural slug deterrent. Sprinkle some coffee grounds around any slug-prone plants to keep the little pests away.

2. Coffee is a good fertilizer, using it by adding the grounds to the soil directly or by making a coffee 'tea'. You can do this by adding the grounds to a large bucket and filling with water. Leave the grounds to steep over night. This produces a concentrated liquid that can be used for giving a little boost to indoor plants or potted plants.

3. Coffee grounds can also help to produce good compost as it is a good source of nitrogen, a resource that most plants require in high quantities. Nitrogen is actually one of the elements that helps make plant green as it is a major component in chlorophyll.

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