Sunday, 30 September 2012

Top 5 Weird Food Facts

So here they are, the Top 5 Strangest Food Facts I could find. Enjoy!

5. The largest dish in the world. When you think of something like this you expect it to be epic but personally I think it sounds and looks rather revolting. Whole Stuffed Camel, I couldn't find its local name, is a dish served at traditional Bedouin weddings. Basically, its a roasted camel carcass, stuffed with a roast sheep carcass, stuffed with roast chickens, stuffed with cooked fish, stuffed with cooked eggs... I know right? Google it, thats all I'm saying.

4. Soup! The very first soup in fact. Evidence of soup has been found dating back to 6000 BC and was made of Hippopotamus. True Story!

3. Ever wondered what Worcestershire sauce is made of? Well brace yourself. Worcestershire sauce is actually made from dissolved fish. Anchovies are left in vinegar to dissolve, meaning the sauce contains the whole fish, bones and all. I don't care, it still makes cheese toast taste awesome.

2. Oh, you need a blood donor? Here, have my coconut. Thats right, in extreme emergencies, coconut water can be used as a substitute as blood plasma. The reason being that it is sterile and is close to the correct pH level. Not to be confused with coconut milk though, which is taken from the coconut flesh itself.

1. What do you mean its not green? Thats right, Broccoli, is actually yellow when observed under a microscope. It is this reason why it is good for your eyes as the same chemical that makes it yellow, is the same chemical found in your eye, responsible for absorbing light.

So there you have it, hope they were interesting. Feel free to leave your own strange food facts below. Until next time, carry on cooking.

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