Monday, 17 September 2012

Tomatoes and other lies

Tomatoes are lies. Yes, the cake is also a lie but today we're going to focus on the tomato. Now I dont mean the fact that they are fruits masquerading as vegetables ( yes tomatoes are fruit, no discussion). No, im talking about the fact that those juice, big, red tomatoes sitting in your kitchen ( assuming that you obtained said fruit from a supermarket) are not actually red at all. Or as big. The reason, ladies and gentlemen, is due to the way they are harvested. Those produced on a massive scale are picked while they are still green and ripened with ethylene gas.

What is ethylene? Ethylene is a natural plant hormone used to ripen many other fruits and also to degreen citrus fruits. It is infact harmless to humans besides from being explosive in concentrated quantities. So whats the problem with it? Well nothing if you think of it as a way to reduce the price and increase the consumtion of many fruits. But also think of it as if you were giving the fruit steroids. It might look perfect but it wont have the same amount of nutrition as one that was left to ripen naturally in the sun. They also dont taste as good, as full flavoured one might say. It is possible that it may actually contibute to the weight crisis that the UK and the US seem to have, if you have a chocolate bar that will fill you up more than a piece of fake fruit, its only instinctual as to which on you will choose.

Why do we do this? Well its a way of producing cheap food fast, which is a cycle we seem to be rapidly adopting. The solution. Buy locally or even grow it yourself, thats really all there is.

Another post from my phone, so not the best quality. Shouldnt have to wait long for real internet but anyway, until next time.

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