Monday, 3 September 2012

The means to an end and a new beginning.

So for a long time now I've been trying to start this blog, yet every time I sit down to try and think of something to write I end up getting distracted or procrastinating. That in itself, is pretty annoying, since i actually enjoy writing and, believe it or not, used to be rather good at it. Not entirely sure what happened there... I used to write stories upon stories when I was in school just for the fun of it but for some reason the creativity seems to have diminished somewhere in between.

Well this is my last night in the Scottish Borders and as much as that is a happy thought, I'am nervous about leaving things behind (even if it is not very much) and the place I'm going is somewhere I know very little about. Its not that I haven't done so before, but not on my own. I realize that I say things like this yet everything turns out fine in the end. Besides, after adopting the new philosophy of "Don't have any regrets because at one point in your life no matter how quick its exactly what you wanted", what could go wrong. Deep down I know I'm excited and I'm not really sure as to why it doesn't show, maybe its just for the new job.

Why am I leaving the Scottish Borders for Glasgow? The reason a lot of people relocate, a new job, a better education and boredom. More so the new job part. I'll be working in a branch of the Holiday Inn Hotel at the Glasgow Airport as a Commis Chef. What is a Commis Chef? Well the way I describe it is kinda like a paid internship. If you imagine a medical intern, they do basic procedures, watch the doctors and learn from them. Thats pretty similar to us Commis Chefs, we prepare basic dishes, assist senior chefs and learn from those around us. The usual length for a Commis Chef to stay in that position is 2-5 years (really just varies on how good you are and how quick you progress), after which they can choose a specialized area of cooking, if one wishes to. Sounds quite simple right?

I can already feel myself getting distracted so maybe this is a good place to stop for today. Maybe if I just ease myself into writing regularly? That sounds like a plan indeed. Until next time, whoever you are, cioa!

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  1. Keep posting, Calum. I think the life of a commis chef would make a great subject. Better than reality TV - and what better place to start than the beginning? You've obviously got a natural flair for writing. Good luck in all your endeavours!