Sunday, 9 September 2012

Self Sufficiency: Rabbit Vs. The world

I've been doing a lot of reading, following of blogs and watching of videos on self sufficient farms, homesteads etc, the sort of thing I want to accomplish in the next few years. Over the time I've been researching, I discovered a few people who farmed rabbits for meat. I know what your thinking, "Oh my god, those poor little bunnys." Really? Well lets see if I can change your mind.

Meat rabbits can no only produce 6lbs of meat on the same food and water that a cow can produce 1lbs of meat but is also more nutritious. If you took the same weight of Chicken, Pig, Cow and Rabbit meat, the Rabbit meat would have the lowest calories, lowest cholesterol and the most protein. Rabbits are also very 'productive', meaning that one Doe (a female rabbit) can produce 320lbs of meat a year through offspring. Another advantage of meat rabbits is that they need very little space in comparison to the 2 acres a cow would need. The average rabbit patch can be survive on varied diet of your everyday rabbit grain feed, garden waste, kitchen waste or you can even plant you rabbit pasture edible plants such as snow pea shoots and carrots. Over the last 2-300 years, the rabbit has rapidly declined from the menus of the average British household, having once been a fairly staple food along with animals such as pheasant and pigeon.

Rabbit stew anyone? Okay, so if I haven't managed to convince you yet then thats alright, all I can say is that it seems a lot more logical than the mass farming of poultry and beef we so willingly encourage at the moment. But if I have then feel free to give it ago. In the future I'll try and post some rabbit recipes and even give them a try myself. So until next time...

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