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Recipe No.1 Tagliatelle served with Creamy Bacon and Mus

Its weird that I seem to have this one post a day thing going on, which believe it or not, is very unusual for me. Don't get me wrong, its a wonderful thing. So today I thought I would actually post a recipe for you to try. This recipe is one that I learnt while I was working as a chef in New Zealand. Its a very simple, tastes great and what is even better is pretty flexible so you can change some of the ingredients for other things. I did take pictures to upload but I'm not the best photographer so I'll have to add them again later. Here it is;

Tagliatelle served with Creamy Bacon and Mustard Sauce
Recipe serves 4-6
Takes around 30 minutes

1 Onion
1 Pack of Unsmoked Bacon
1 Red Pepper
2 Tsp of Mustard Seeds
500mls of Single Cream

1. Lightly oil a pan and place on a low heat.
2. Finely Chop the onion and place in the pan to saute. Cover the pan and keep on a low-medium heat.
3. While the onion is sauteing, roughly chop the bacon and the red pepper.
4. Once the onion has softened, not browned, add the bacon and red pepper.
5. Once the bacon has cooked add the Mustard and continue to cook for another minute.
6, Then add the cream and bring to the boil.
7. Immediately take off the heat and serve with Tagliatelle or a pasta of your choice.

You can use chicken or mushroom instead of the bacon or feel free to think of your own alternatives. Let me know what you think. Leftover sauce will keep in the fridge for up to 3 days. I'll try and add some photos later on. I hope you enjoy this recipe, so until next time.

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