Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Its not all spoiled milk...

I had the idea today of cooking something then uploading pictures and a recipe but since I'm currently living in a hotel those sort of posts will have to wait. I had also planned on writing a post about the conditions our food is raised in, especially poultry and beef, but since yesterdays post was a negative one I thought it could wait till a future post. And besides I'd prefer to spend a bit more time writing on a subject like that which tends to be pretty delicate. So today is just going to be short, sweet and a little less negative, I hope.

If I could send one message to the world it would be to explore food, enjoy food and take an interest in food. We, in the western world, primarily Great Britain and America, seem to have developed quite the wrong attitude towards food. And we can see this through our growing obesity and food related illness levels. We seem to be more concerned on how much our next meal is going to cost than how good it is going to be for us. Take for example, if you buy a packet of supermarket own chicken breast at, lets say, £1.00 per 100 grams, and then buy a packet of organic chicken breast at, lets say again, £3.00 per 100 grams, you would think that you are getting more for your money if you buy the cheaper one right? Well you would be wrong, you see about 60-80% of our meat market is really just rearrangements of corn. What does that mean? Well have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? It means that the cheaper chickens are fed on a diet of only corn, meaning there is a reduced about of nutrients in the meat even though it may be twice the size. So even though you may pay twice the price for an organic chicken breast, you'll more than likely get twice as much nutrients from it.

I don't mean to alarm anyone and I'm not trying to scare anyone. It is true that this is slightly worse in America but the UK is not far behind. I just want to start raising awareness, just as so many have tried to in the past. I read a quote from J.R.R Tolkien which was, "If more of us valued food and cheer above hoarded gold, the world would be a much merrier place." That, I thought, is very true.

Well this really hasn't been the pleasant, heart warming post I had planned on making. But anyway, I want to know what you think. Do you have any ideas of what I should post about? I promise that once I'am out of this hotel, I shall write some posts on recipes etc.

But I hope this gave you something else to think about, I'm off to bed. Until next time, Ciao.

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  1. I think someone who's into cooking will always go for quality over price although they might well focus on price when it comes to comparable items. Those who don't enjoy it may put price first - or (like me) prefer quality but look for quick fix solutions, putting this above price and unfortunately, all too often, quality as well. Makes me think every kitchen needs a Calum, so this isn't a negative or depressing post at all. It's from the heart and for that reason your writings could provide a lot of inspiration once you build up your readership - as I'm sure you will. On corn: I remember my father talking about corn fed chickens a lot - never really paid too much attention as a child, but this brought it back to me in a good way - and I like the Tolkien quote. You never know, keep going like this and one day I might even start cooking again although I'll need to invest in a decent oven first!