Monday, 17 September 2012

Chicken Flavored Chicken

So right now Im at work on my break and just before I was preping up my corner to be ready for service. One of the things I have to stock up on is the precooked chicken breasts that we buy in to use on sandwiches, salads etc. While opening a new box I couldnt help but read the side. Ingriedients? Wait what? Its chicken breast, what could you possibly add other than a bit of seasoning I thought. I carried on reading. Chicken flavoring? Okay now your having a laugh. You may think, why on earth would you need to flavor chicken with chicken? Its simple. Yet again more battery corn fed chicken processed for cheap meat without considering the taste and allowing big companies to pull the wool over your eyes.

At the this point a realise I sound more like an antigovernment activist, not some food ethusiest. Hey maybe I should change my blog name to the food activist or the guy foodie? Terrible joke right? Anyway, just a short post today, so until next time.

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  1. Question: When does chicken noodle soup not contain chicken? Answer: When it's served for school dinners and listed as a vegetarian option.
    Another (very true) bad joke. Just been checking the primary school lunch envelope. Scotch Broth is supposed to contain meat or beef extract too, is it not? Again - vegetarian. It's a wonder all the vegans aren't up in arms.